Piano Mandalas

Piano Mandalas

I have always been drawn to the mandala design and thought this would be the perfect way to display the piano parts from my great-grandfather's piano.  I discovered I had enough pieces to create two mandalas.  One in a dark finish and the other in white.  I loved the contrast of the two designs and felt it represented the light and darkness of life.  

After completing the project, I decided to research the meaning of the mandala symbol and found that a mandala represents the wholeness of self, connection, and continuity of the universe.  It reveals truths from inside your own spirit. 

I could not have used better material in creating my own personal mandala.  Playing the piano gave me a voice when I didn’t feel I had a voice.  It has been a therapeutic outlet for me to take a moment to sit and play and feel.  It has helped clear my mind and channel inspiration for other areas of my life.  Knowing – now - the history behind mandalas, made me love these pieces so much more.  It connects to my family inheritance and represents the wholeness music creates in my soul. 

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